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In a World of My Own

“While murder, bullying, exploitation and scandal regularly make news, when thousands of children receive their mother’s care and affection every day it isn’t reported because we take it for granted. We may be subject to negative emotions, but it’s possible to keep them under control, to cultivate a sense of emotional hygiene, on the basis of human values that are rooted in that affection – what I call secular ethics.”
~Dalai Lama

6 thoughts on “In a World of My Own

    1. It’s my favorite quote. I’m thinking of putting it up in my room above my bed. I have a lot of anger I don’t want in my life anymore which is why I’ve been pursuing yoga and a path of peace and light. I haven’t had much success with being homeless (I know it’s hard to hang up a picture above a bed without a home to have either one of those in but I like to speak in a manner that I already have everything I need and lack nothing. Words have power) and maybe having another baby on the way.
      But I just know things will get better. And one day I’ll be able to help other people in the great ways his holiness has been able to. I don’t think that’s too lofty a goal, do you?

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