Can’t sleep. Gonna write. Random thoughts.

Found some workouts that help heal diastasis recti. They feel good and they hurt in the good way as opposed to the harmful ones I was doing before that made the condition worse.

Had an AMAZING tarot reading tonight that confirmed what I was wanting to be true SO bad.

I just know this is my year. This time next year, our kids will already have moved back in with us again and we’ll be so happy.

Gave myself alcohol poisoning second day of the year. Spent the third day screaming and writhing in agony as I threw up anything I put in. Thankfully I was among good people who made sure I was okay and helped nurse me back to health. Jacques was so amazing the way he took care of me. But I feel so happy to be alive. I’ve never drank that much in my life. Never. Not even once. The pain was worse than natural childbirth with no epidural.(I know from experience lol)

I’m happy to be alive because of almost killing myself with alcohol. I don’t plan on making that dumb mistake again.

My medication has been adjusted and I’m hoping it works to calm this mania without putting me back into depression.

It’s 4:06 in the morning.

I want to see more from Jim Henson Studios(is it Jim Henson or just Henson?) They make such good shows and movies.

I’m watching Dinosaurs. I love this show.

It’s 4:59…

The social worker will be here around 9:30 to take us to see the kids and I haven’t slept a wink.

Thinking about starting a journal and maybe re-downloading the habit tracker apps I had last year.

I want to drink more water and eat healthier. I want to fix my relationship with food.