I probably didn’t think this whole gym membership thing through.  But I’m determined to stay the course.  I can’t keep waiting for everything around me to be perfect before I make a move.  I mean seriously.  I’m so sick of there always being some reason why I can’t start NOW. 

It’s been years of that and where have I gotten?  How much closer have I gotten to reaching my goal?  In fact, in waiting for the perfect circumstances to arise, my situation has gotten worse instead.

So, I made a decision: I can either 1) keep smoking and spending north of $40 on single cigarettes, 2) try to save money by purchasing them a pack at a time instead (which inevitably leads to smoking A LOT more which means no money is actually saved) or 3) I can just spend $40 a month on my health.

You can plainly see which one I chose.  I even completed my first workout today wearing these boots (check my Instagram @lovelymissquinn for photos).  

What’s happening now is that I am sick to fucking death of the way my life has been going and I’m done taking it slow.  Like I said in my last post, the search is on.  It is on like Donkey Kong.

In fact, I’ve already got a lead on one job and a group interview at another on Monday.  I’m shocked I was even given an application at the last place I went to, let alone given the time of the next group interview.  The place was extremely hoity toity.  Real linen table cloths fancy placements, candles on each table.

I’m almost convinced they tossed out my application as soon as I left.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about clothing because these boots are the only pair of flat, close-toed shoes I own.  I already know I can do the job.  The only question is, will they give me a chance?

Who cares?  I have a job.  And I know I’m going to find it.