Today I am checking out a daycare for when I get my babies back.  It all falls into my strategy for finding a normal job.  Once I get a general location for the daycare pinned down, then I’ll look for a job in that general area.  And considering how far I can walk like it’s nothing, that radius will be pretty broad.  That way, I only have to worry about getting from the daycare to home, because traffic won’t affect (I think that’s right. I googled it. Let me know if I got it right because this has been driving me nuts) whether or not I make it to work on time.  Basically, as long as I leave my home by a certain time, I should be able to make it to work no matter what.  Especially if I clock my walk time from the daycare to the workplace on my slowest day and calculate accordingly.

Yes, I know, I sound like a super type A person.  And you would be correct when it comes to all things work.  I hate being late to work or appointments.  The only time I forgive myself for being on time/late rather than early is when it comes to a social meeting/function with no networking or business involved.  Because when it comes to those, it’s a miracle I even make it at all.

So, anyway!  I just wanted to sharea bit of my strategy in my approach to job searching when childcare is involved.

Of course this only applies to people who are looking for any kind of job as long as they can get hired.  The reverse would probably be better for those looking for a job in a specific field (finding a daycare based on the work location instead).

Just remember that no matter what you’re doing, take care of yourself.  You can’t perform well at work or present yourself in your best capacity at an interview or what have you if you’re malnourished and half dead.  So, make sure not to push yourself too hard and fuel yourself properly.

I want to grab and shake every skinny person I know that lives an extremely unhealthy lifestyle and then acts shocked when they get told by the doctor that they’re pre-diabetic.