I read my horoscopes this morning.  I always read Scorpio and Sagittarius since I was born on their cusp.  Sometimes the universe has a way of getting real with you when you least expect it.


“You have to accept the decision of someone who is not directly involved.  Put the needs of others ahead of your own for a while. “

To which I thought aloud “Ugh!  I don’t wanna.”


“Someone close to you may be upset about your unwillingness to see things from his or her point of view.  Why are you being so stubborn?”

Al-freaking-right, Universe!  Whatever you say in your omnipotent wisdom…

I proceeded to pout like a little kid for the next ten minutes and like a little kid I forgot all about being in a bad mood and continued my day with that advice in mind and my day was absolutely fabulous. 😆