Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my series on how to work the N Street Village system.  I have been sick as a dog and working my butt off trying to act like I’m not.  Found out today (yesterday technically since it’s after midnight) that I have an ear infection and probably have for a few months now since the symptoms my doctor and I went over have been plaguing me for quite some time and slowly getting worse. (oopsy!)

So, anyway, I wanted to share a nifty flyer I saw at Green Door.  It’s for this program that helps with finding jobs.  I’m thinking about checking it out.  Since independent contracting isn’t working out the way it used to (I’m really wishing I still had my phone acting gig. Without the possessive Mr. J around, I could make some real money).

I figure it couldn’t hurt to look into and maybe someone else could find the information helpful.

It’s time for me to start looking for a “real job”.  And it’s also time to start looking for a trustworthy roommate as well because I need a big apartment and there’s no way I’m going to wait around for a housing voucher when Donald Trump is going to make damn sure all those kinds of programs get the axe.  Therefore, to help pay for my place, I’ll need to find a roommate.  Obviously, if I want my kids back, they have to be trustworthy, drug and drama free and reliable with their share of the rent.

There are a few places I’m looking at that I am just in love with that also have waiting lists for their subsidized housing programs but then when I see how long the wait is, I get more determined to get my place the old fashioned way.

So, with my new decision to re-enter the normal workforce, I went to Martha’s Table and picked up a bunch of new clothes to replace the crap I already have so I can walk into businesses with my head held high and get those job applications.  I’ve even picked out a notebook to keep track of my job search and everything.

Anyway, it’s 2:43am and I have to be up at 5 to make sure I get everything ready for today’s adventures.

I visit with the kids in the morning and meet with my social workers.  Then I do laundry with Brently (you’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future. He’s joined the ranks of my besties and let me tell you that is a small club and hard to join).  Then I’ll be singing at my usual spot in lieu of doing Postmates work because it’s been so incredibly slooooowww.  My hopes are that it will pick up after the new year rings in.

Good night, Wonderlings!  Love and light.