I remember blogging about previous attempts to quit smoking.  I tried so many things.  I took so many different approaches but what I was missing was having supportive people around me.  My toxic relationship with Mr. J only made things harder for me to quit.

The new approach I outlined in a previous post couldn’t be effective as long as I was surrounded by toxicity.  And I don’t mean the song by System of a Down.  I mean, people that are negative and/or abusive.  Looking back, I wrote a lot of blog posts about getting healthy and changing my life for the better and documenting my journey.  But nothing ever came of it.  Why?

Because I was in a bad, bad place.  I don’t know why but he kept knocking me down every time I tried to build myself up.  In fact, I’m shocked I have any followers at all considering how inconsistent I have been.  My goodness.  But we’re not together anymore and I’m finding it easier to avoid smoking more and more.

I’ve also found more and more time to blog and post Instagram photos and do my makeup and all those things that make me feel good.

So, I think another approach a stress smoker could take to quit smoking is to look for other things you enjoy doing.  Like, for me, the more time I spend practicing putting on makeup, putting on lotion, organizing, blogging and so on, the fewer urges I get to smoke.

I’m not even focusing on getting healthier anymore. I’m just focusing on making myself feel good and alive.

So, try that as an approach sometime.  Just spend one regular day finding things to do that make you feel wonderful.  Just go about your day as usual and at the end of the day take emotional inventory as to how you felt that day and what you did and how it all made you feel.  If you have anything that you did that day that wasn’t necessary but made you feel like butt, replace it the next day with something that makes you feel good.

For me, yesterday I smoked more than once or twice and it made me feel like garbage.  So, this morning, I turned to drinking a cup of hot chocolate.  It made me feel delightful.

Well, as much as it could anyway seeing as I’m on my period five days early and I’m feeling miserable af right now.  And I’m blogging right now.  That makes me feel good.

What makes you feel good?  What hobbies or pasttimes make you feel content and happy?   Tell me all about it in the comments.