The Requirements

Let’s start with the requirements for how to become a client here at Bethany’s Women’s Center.  You can come in during the day any day Monday-Friday between the hours of 7am to 4pm.  This stands whether or not you’ve done an intake here or not.  But I highly recommend you do the Welcome Session(intake) at 9:15am and get your name in the system.
Bethany’s is open on the weekends as well and you have to meet certain requirements in order to come in during those hours.
During the week, you have to participate in 5 activities and do 1 chore.  They have activities every day of the week, so that’s only one activity a day for five days.

Each activity lasts only 45 minutes to an hour.  That’s not much to ask considering some of these activities are as simple as you can get.  There’s yoga, arts and crafts, Weight Watchers meetings, etc.  These are the kind of services, you usually have to pay for.  These are the things celebrities spend their time doing.  So, if spending one hour a day living like a “normal” person is too much to ask for, then I honestly have no time to listen to any of your whining.  Not that I don’t ever whine.  But I whine about things I actually want a solution to when I feel like the situation is hopeless.  Then I usually find there’s a way to fix it or someone comes along with the solution and I do my happy dance.
A great example is how I recently was given a new phone.  I was whining about how I couldn’t work for a couple weeks straight because my phone was on its last legs and could barely function.  Then someone brought me one of their old phones and we put my SIM card in, unlocked it and BAM! I’m back to work, baby!  No more whining (even though my feet are now killing me lol).

Maybe your problem is that you don’t want a solution.  Maybe what you want is something to whine about?  I don’t know, I can only go by what I see.  If you don’t like that this is what I get out of what you’re showing me, then maybe you should evaluate what you’re doing.  Not everyone will just jump to conclusions about you for no reason.  And that’s just a fact of life.

I’m not here to beat you up.  I’m here to give tough love and light a fire under your ass.

We have finally got ourselves an ongoing theme for this blog.  Isn’t that wonderful?!  😄  Of course, I’ll still be posting updates on my personal life and whatnot but I’m going to write articles that will be helpful to the homeless community in the District and homeless people in general.  Then as my situation improves, it will be expanded to include all those in poverty and not just those that are homeless.