I heard a woman in the restroom saying “Who cares?  That was like ten years ago.  Who cares?”
Since I was in the stall dropping the kids off at the pool, I couldn’t see her.  I certainly didn’t hear what she was referring to either.

But it got me thinking.  Since when does time diminish the value of an event?  Or its importance?  And I know it’s not the same for everyone or every event.  One person might harbor anger over a moment from years before.  Or maybe a person might still be happy about something that happened decades after the fact.  Some examples would be: my son’s first steps or the first time I was molested.
The pain of what was done to me hasn’t eased that much over twenty five years.  But the indescribable joy that came from watching my son walk for the first time hasn’t lessened either.  Get it?

I think it’s not so much time that changes a person’s view but their personal growth, priorities and experiences.
Like when I pulled out all the stuffing out of all of my stuffed animals.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time.  In fact, I had a blast.  But now I wish I still had them to give to my daughter.  Or when I over shared my personal business online.  I didn’t care what anyone thought or were going to think.  But I’m feeling quite foolish now about sharing some of it.

Just thinking out loud I guess.