I have been struggling s much lately with depression.  So, much has happend that I didn’t get to blog about.

The four nights in a row that I slept outside trying to get into this women’s shelter.  The raccoon that tried to steal Pikachu backpack.  The big break up.  The crackhead stealing my tv.  The things that led up to me moving out of that wretched house instead of allowing them to throw me out.  Te fact that I’m now taking three medications to help balance my natural chemicals so that I still function while I go through all this turmoil and healing.

I’m about to resume therapy wit a new therapist who specializes in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) as recommended by the court ordered assessment.  I started working for Postmates and recently UberEats.

A lot has happened.  So much.

I’ve been trying to stay organized ad find a way to remember to start documenting my experiences as I’ve tried to do in the past.  I tried bullet journaling but it’s not enough for me.  That’s when I stumbled across something called the Omni Journal.

I think this will be perfect for me since I’ve been needing a way to take notes for my blog ad videos I want to make for my YouTube Channel.

So, why not incorporate these many different elements into one journal where I can have notes, sketches, scheduling, an index and a habit tracker as well?

So, I’m going to try this method of journaling and if it works for me the way I intend, you should be seeing a lot more posts from me and a lot more content on my YouTube Channel as well.

I miss all of you so much!

I miss our interactions and all of the feedback I get from my wonderful Wonderlings.  I promise I’ll be around a lot more as soon as I get my life under control.

In the meantime, just hang tight and like my Facebook Page since my disorganized self seems to be able to find time to post on Facebook but not enough to write in the blog the page is about (I know, right?).