I have more proof that I am meant to be a life coach.
I am so psyched right now.  I helped my roommate with his dilemma and he felt great about it and that made me feel so alive. 
I don’t know how I’m going to get to sleep any time soon because I am so full of energy just from that.
It’s my true calling.
And I’m not going to let my head get big but I’m done dimming my own shine when it comes to this natural, God given talent for helping people.
I know I can do this.  I know I will be damn good at it.  And I know I already am damn good at it.  I just need to get the credentials needed to pursue it on a professional level.
I’m so excited!

Oh yeah, I guess I should give y’all an update on what’s been going on with us.

Well, I’m staying with my husband in the room he’s renting until we can find a place of our own.  And it is incredibly uncomfortable here because the people that own the house basically live like squatters.
The kitchen sink has a leak and so, they leave the water shut off until they actually need it.  And they get crazy when it comes to showering every day.  They complain about it if we do bathe everyday.  So, as a result of not being allowed to bathe everyday, I have a urinal tract infection and it is painful as hell.
We put up with it because we have nowhere else to go and the owner of the house is old and mentally ill and has tried to throw us out over the tiniest things that have nothing to do with him or rent or anything.
And he gets mad if we try to defend ourselves against his controlling, abusive ways.  And this abuse is the one reason he doesn’t even want to draw up a lease because he knows that he legally can’t do that as a landlord.
But we’re looking at getting a job making deliveries for Uber on bike, then moving up to a car from there.
I helped Jacques with signing up for it for himself.  And then I’ll be signing myself up when I get a new phone.
I would now but my phone is so broken, it’s a miracle it’s still functioning at all.  Half of my screen is black and I’m glad no most of this typing by touching the keys where I remember them being in the void.  It’s hard to describe unless you’re right here where I can show you.
But I can’t follow a map on my phone with half tell screen being black.
Anyway, we’re slowly but surely working our way back onto our feet.
Our roommate is our new friend and we’ve all decided to gt a place together, which means we’re looking for a four bedroom place here in DC.  Our friend’s name is Collins.   At least, that’s the name I’ve given him.  We all already know we can stand living together and have enjoyed it thoroughly. 
We’re even working on quitting smoking together.  We’ve been very good for each other thus far and I have high hopes for our future.  All of ours.
Jacques has cut WAY back on his drug usage.  On his own.  No one is forcing him, no one’s nagging him.  And he is gong very strong.  The things he finds to do, the less he’s been concerned about using and I’m so proud of him.
We’re still only able to see the kids once a week and that’s only because of the travel being an expensive issue.
But we’re allowed to see them as often as we like and even overnight if we want.  Once we have an income coming in, we’ll be able to do that.  My aunt and I are planning a weekend visit.  We’re thinking around Jem’s birthday.  That would be so wonderful.
I honestly would like to do a week long visit.  I miss them too much.  We’ll see.
But anyway, that’s the nutshell update on what’s going on in Wonderland.
Here’s a picture of my beautiful baby girl, Jem.


And here’s a screen shot of when I video called my handsome baby boy, Jiraiya earlier today.


It’s rather difficult getting pictures of him sometimes.   He’s always on the move.  God, okay, now I’m getting emotional which means it’s time to go.
I love you all so much!
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Until next time, y’all!  ♡