What motivates you?  What do you see or experience in life that makes you want to keep going?

Just the other day when I wrote about luxury, it got me thinking about what motivates me.  And how some people find reality TV to be just another distraction.  That the only people who watch it are zombies. 

Well, I’m no zombie.  And I’m addicted to shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 
It motivates me.
Something about how they’re always talking about business.  The way they’re always on the go and making moves.
I see how clean they are even when they’re not all dolled up.  And being clean, as I’ve explained before is the center of my idea of luxury.
When I’m in a deep depression, I tend to let myself go.  Bathing, cleaning up, they fall by the wayside as I just lie there feeling like crap on a stick.
Now that I have kids, the most I do is for them and I completely neglect myself.  I bathe them, feed them, make sure they have clean clothes on.  I’d clean up just so they can have room to play ad be safe but neglect my own bedroom.  At least, when I had them, I did.

But when I watch that show, I suddenly want to take a shower, do my hair, clean my home.  And when I’m done, I want to start blogging, making videos, work harder to make money.  And I start planning out my day to work towards my goals.

I start imagining myself as a big success and giving my TEDxTalks and going into work to check on my non-profit outreach program that I started up.  I imagine myself going to a book signing and doing a photo shoot for O Magazine for an article they wrote on me and the work I’m doing for change in the world.
I imagine myself in a big, HUGE house I designed myself and a bunch of my homies living there with me and my children playing with my foster children.

Harley, do you really get all that from watching such a dumb show?
Yes.  Yes I do.

But their so shallow and their lives are fully of nothing but first-world problems.  They don’t know what it’s like to really struggle.  How could you even waste your time watching it?
I don’t know them, or their lives.  I don’t care if they can’t relate.  In fact, I hope they don’t ever live through the kind of things I’ve lived through.  I don’t want anyone to ever be able to relate to me on that level.  But I can relate to them on one level and that is a serious work ethic.

Yeah, but can you really call what they do work?
Yes.  That elitist attitude towards everyone else’s work is disgusting to me.  It’s the same attitude that makes people say that one some jobs don’t deserve higher pay.  It’s the same attitude that created the term “menial job”.  I’m sorry, but if it’s work paying someone else to do, then how could you call it menial?  If it’s so menial, then you do it, asshole.  It’s like, “oh, it’s so simple, the job isn’t worth paying that much for.”
No.  You’re not paying for the work.  You’re paying for a portion of a person’s life.  You don’t think a person’s life is worth paying a decent wage for what you consider to be “so easy”?  Then if it’s so easy, then do it yourself.
Work, is work, is work.  Somebody’s gotta do it.  And also, I can tell you, running a business and working for yourself and running all over creation just to get things done is exhausting in a different way than doing construction or being a janitor or being a teacher or what have you but it’s exhausting nonetheless.  Don’t knock someone else for what they do.  Don’t ever tell anyone that their job is “so easy” or that it’s “not even real work”.  I for one have only dabbled in modeling.  And lemme tell you, that shit is fuckin exhausting.  For no real damn reason, that shit is exhausting as hell.  Aside from amateur modeling, I’ve done tree hauling, patched drivesways, landscaping, babysitting, worked in daycares, office assistant, dabbled in graphic design, been a home health aide and lemme tell ya, ANY work is hard work when you put in 100%.
My point is, these women have a great work ethic and it’s that that I idolize in and of itself.

Motivation and inspiration are things that you can’t just conjure.  You can’t make a list of what is or isn’t supposed to be inspiring or motivating.  They come from the strangest, most unexpected places.  Don’t judge.  Don’t hate.  Just appreciate.