Today’s writing prompt

When most people think of this, they envision a life similar to that seen on any given reality show on E.
Fancy cars, big houses, 5-star spa level pampering, designer clothes.  Those are what you see in all he advertisements that tell you, what luxury is.
My idea of luxury?
I want a place to live.  My rent paid, my utilities paid.  Clean clothes that actually fit me.  My home is clean and smells nice.  My clothes smell nice.  My body is clean and I smell nice.  My skin is moisturized.  My hair is clean and healthy.
That’s all.
I don’t need fancy, designer clothes, I just want them to fit and be clean.
I don’t need $200 lotions and potions to make my body and hair to feel healthy and clean and beautiful.  Heck, my secret is that I only use baby products and Olay anti-aging products.  And I use kids’ sunscreen.  The value pack.
Shoes?  Of course I love shoes.  But I don’t need to buy them all the time.  Maybe, I’ll treat myself to some with my tax refund.  Maybe if I have an couple good months in a row and I’m ahead on my bills (I love when that happens), I’ll make a little splurge.
But, oh my god, that feels so incredibly luxurious.

I still enjoy getting my hair and nails done.  I just don’t do it anywhere near as much as I would like.  In fact, I got my hair done last week for the first time in over 5 years.

I think maybe once I start working again, I’ll start doing a series within my documentary of how to budget to get back on my feet.  Who knows, maybe it can help someone else?

Homeless luxury….  lol. Maybe I’ll do a little of that too.