I had a pretty okay day singing on 14th Street outside Target.  Someone gave me an umbrella and someone else gave me a ten and a bottle of vitamin water.
When I got the ten and the water, I hopped right up and ran into Target’s restroom and set my vitamin water down and forgot it.  When I returned, it was already gone.
I was really disappointed that I lost it because that would have gone very well with the Chinese food I bought with my earnings today.

If you didn’t already know, I’m documenting my journey from homelessness and getting on my feet and putting my family back together by fixing my dysfunctional, codependent, abusive, tumultuous relationship with Mr. J and getting our kids back from CPS.  They’re staying with my aunt for the time being while we get things in order.
I’m posting YouTube videos whenever possible to keep y’all posted as to what’s going on.

I think I’m finally finding my niche in what I want my blog and YouTube channel to actually be.  At least for now.
For now I want them to be simply a documentation of my struggles to climb out of the deep, dark pit I’ve lived in my whole life.  I’m done being a victim and I’m ready to be he strong woman, mother and role model my family deserves.

If I want to be the super life coach I know I’m meant to be and stick to my five year plan, I’ve got to start now.  And I already have.
Check out my videos here.  The link will take you to one of my recent videos explaining why I’m putting my journey out there for the world to see.  Things that most people would hide away and pretend isn’t there, I’m just putting a camera right in its face and saying, “This!  This right here is what the struggle looks like for some.  Five years from now, when I have my own place, when I’ve written my first best-seller, when I’ve start both my non-profit and for-profit businesses.  Five years from now, when I’m doing my first #TedTalk and I look successful and like I’m just so glamorous and fabulous.  Five years from now, when I stand there on that stage preparing to tell and audience of knowledge seekers and I appear to have it all figured out.  Five years from now, I will be trembling on the inside.  Concerned about how well my start-ups are going to do that year, concerned about whether or not I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.
I will tell my story.  I will talk about how I was homeless for most of the first ten years of my adult life.  I will talk about the trials and tribulations I have suffered through, the mistakes I’ve made, the way I used to think.  Then I’ll tell that audience about how I turned my own life around and put myself on the road I want to be.
And for those who don’t believe my story, those who think I’m over exaggerating or outright lying.  I will direct them to my YouTube channel and my blog.  And right on the screen before them, they can watch my metamorphosis over just the last five years.”

I love you all.  I’ll write again as soon as I can and update you.  In the meantime, check out my channel.  It’s a hell of a lot easier for me to upload a video than it is to type out a blog post these days.  Especially since my phone is damaged so badly that now I believe it’s possessed.
Yeah.  Sometimes it types what it wants to instead of what I want.  Makes typing in passwords very tricky.

Well, until next time, Wonderlings.  Love, light and awesomeness to you all.