I was watching Gilmore Girls for the umpteen millionth time and had a thought occur to me.
Lorelei is just as close-minded and judgmental as Emily.  The only difference is she’s into different things.  She’s just as unwilling to be okay with anything outside of her comfort zone as Emily.  In some ways even more so.
And because of this, I noticed that the only time Lorelei and Rory ever have a disagreement is when Rory wanted to venture outside of Lorelei’s comfort zone.
It reminded me of this one family on and episode of Wife Swap that I watched because the two families were so drastically different that I wanted to see how it went.
Well, one family was totally gothed/punked out.  They were like a modern day Addams Family.  The other family was completely conventional.  Preppy, you could definitely say.
Like the people in the summer camp in Addams Family Values.
Anyway, what I witnessed in the swapping of these wives was anything like what I expected.
The preppy family was a lot more flexible and open to trying the new things that the Munster Mom was suggesting.  But the Munster Family was having none of what Preppy Mom was bringing to the table.
And all the while, it turned out the daughter in the Munster Family was into a lot of popular things.  She liked magazines and fashion and trendy clothes and pop music.  But she felt like she couldn’t be herself out of fear that her family would mock her relentlessly and wouldn’t accept her.
I’ve noticed this a lot in life in general.
You would think that in Oklahoma or Tennessee, I would find more Christian families that were rainbow flag burning, picket sign holding, hate mongers.  But I didn’t find that much of that.  In fact, I saw more christians who were totally okay with all people in the LBGT community.  They themselves had family members who were gay or bi and loved them completely and unconditionally “the way Jesus does” they told me.  But then moving back over to to the east coast.  Living here in DC.  I have heard the word “faggot” more times in one day than I have heard in years.  I have heard and witnessed more homophobia than I have in years.
It was total culture shock.  I forgot this is the same kind of crap I grew up hearing all the time in Pennsylvania.
My husband could wear anything he wanted living on Oklahoma and no one said a word.  But out here?  He can’t rock a pair of skinny jeans without people making fun of him.
Damnit, I like his sexy legs in skinny jeans.  But everyone out here talks shit.  Why?  Cuz you’re potato-shaped ass can’t pull this off?  Hate is so annoying.

My point is, in my life as an outsider, I’ve found the the most judgmental people are those that don’t fit the status quo.  The freaks who stand out from the crowd, who let their freak flags fly.
We tell everyone that if they fit the status quo, they’re a sellout.  We say if they like anything popular, they have no depth.  We say if they’re not like us, they’re part of the problem.
But isn’t that the exact kind of message we’re supposedly rebelling against in the first place?