I’m trying to kick my addiction to refined sugar and junk food in general.  I’m starting with sugar because it’s the strongest addiction I have food-wise.
I went a couple of days straight without it and then today I succumbed to he urge and took a couple sips of my husband’s slurpee.
I didn’t think it would bother me at all because it had only been two days.  Two and a half if you count today.  But still, not long at all, really.
And I am nauseated as all balls.  My stomach is cramping really bad right now and I wish I had never touched the damn thing.
My advice to anyone who is trying to kick their sugar habit?  Punch yourself in the gut if you get feel the need to give into the urge for some refined sugar.  It’ll feel about the same but it’ll fade faster than having to wait out the sugar moving through your almost clean system slowly and painfully.

Oh my god…… I’m just going to drink some tea (I never did like putting sugar in it) and lie down for a bit.  It’s gonna be a rough night.