I had to reboot this so that I can refer back to it. I have a lot of BIG goals that have steps and milestones, so this will really help me A LOT in reaching them. Thanks so much for posting this! ^_^


Remember in school when you learned to set SMART goals? We’re coming back to it! Many of us have a vision in mind, but have no goals written down to hold us accountable. Not only will writing down your goals help you remember them, but that piece of paper will be a constant reminder of your vision and motivate you to succeed! Let’s do it!

  • SPECIFIC – Any vision needs to be specific to be meaningful. Wanting to boost confidence or reduce stress are great goals, but they’re not specific enough to give you focus. Instead your goal may be something like “work out more to feel better about myself”, or “spend more time reading to relax”. Now you can see your vision forming! I currently have a goal to improve my running skills.
  • MEASURABLE – Now you have a goal, but how do you know when you’ve reached it? It…

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