Like I said before, the most basic tasks like bathing or eating tend to falls through the cracks once depression breaks through and all invades.
So, I’ve made charts for myself to keep track of how often I do each of these tasks.  I have one for hygiene, one for daily chores, one for exercise and because I don’t want my kids to be neglected while I work on myself, I made one for the basic daily activities involving them.
I know it sounds like something you’d have for a toddler to help get them form good habits and really it’s not that far off.  Not everyone can live with depression and still function at a basic capacity.  I’m just one of those people that can’t.  And I’m no longer ashamed of it.
I was the first time around I incorporated this system when I first struck out on my own.  But that’s because I was extremely insecure and lacked any kind of self-esteem.  But you know what?  I’m not the only person who has these problems when in the midst of depression and if something like this can help me, then I’m sure it can help someone else who sees me going through it.
I think it would appeal to any type of gamer.  I know it works for me because of that.  You see, for each time I do one of the activities on the chart, I put a check next to it under the current day of the week.  At the end of the week, I tally up the checks to get my score in that category and at the bottom, I tally up my overall score.
And before any of you who might be reading this try to say that there are just some things that are too embarrassing to put on the chart, let me tell you some of the things on my hygiene chart:

Brush teeth
Use the bathroom
Drink water

Yes.  You ready that right.  Depression takes so much of my motivation away that I even forget to get up off my butt and use the restroom.

Since having Jem, and even since having Jiraiya, all I’ve barely been able to make myself do is take care of them.  That’s it.  I’ll feed them and forget that I haven’t eaten in days.  I’ll bathe them and forget when the last time I showered.  I’ll change their outfit everyday and wear the same thing for a week straight.
But at the same time, I’ll forget to play with them most days because I’m just too drained to be bothered to do little more than spectate.
Now, that’s just during the depression days.  When I’m not depressed, I’m freakin Super Mom.  But I’m tired of letting depression rob them of all the extra fun stuff they deserve from me.  So, that’s why I included Imagination time and Story time in their chart.

The charts don’t have to be pretty.  They just need to be placed somewhere in your home that you’re sure to see them every single day.
I simply taped them up next to the bathroom door.


When I made my charts about ten years ago, I made them myself using a spreadsheet I drew up in Microsoft Excel.  This time around, my CSW, Genee found one online and printed it out for me.
Like I said, it doesn’t have to be pretty.  And it certainly doesn’t have to be displayed pretty.  The point is, if you think it’ll help you, just get it done.  I mean, look at mine.  That is anything but pretty but the whole point is to not waste a lot of time just talking about what you’re going to do with it and just get it done.
Today is the first day on my charts.  I put them up day before yesterday and I decided to start utilizing it today.  But even though I started using it today, I did make attempts to start improving before now and realized that I think I’ll benefit from the charts a lot more than I first thought.
Well, let’s see how this week goes.
Wish me luck!  ^_^