I recently made a comment on an article shared on the Women’s Rights News facebook page.  A woman was defending her sexual promiscuity and there was a heated debate in the comment section.  When I used to treat and fit in with society, I felt like I was in an abusive relationship.  And I was so proud of myself for finding the words to express my frustation, I decided to share my comment here for your enjoyment.

This is what I had to say:

I was just thinking about this subject his morning.  I was thinking of how absolutely insane the “double standard” is.  And I use quotes because it’s a lot more confusing and ridiculous than just a double standard.  I mean, think about it:
Women are to remain pure and untouched or they’re considered whores or some mess.
But men can go around fucking as many women as they want….
…..which then make a bunch of women “impure” but the men aren’t wrong for doing it but the women are………
So, the only way for the women to remain “pure” is for women to only sleep with women and men to only sleep with men…..
……..but that’s a sin……….
So, exactly who can men sleep with?
Only women.
But we want them to remain pure, so they shouldn’t be sleeping with any men at all…….
So then who are the men supposed to sleep with if we want the women to remain pure and being gay is a sin?

Do you see?  I wish it were as simple as a double standard.  Because then it would simply be “You can’t do this, but I can” sort of thing.  This is just……
Honestly, I feel that it boils down to the way women were being viewed when this ridiculous “standard” was introduced and have been since.
It was ALL just abuse.  The societal rules surrounding us placed all blame and shame on us.  We were to remain pure, but if we willingly laid with a man we were trash.  If a man took it from us, then we were vile temptresses and whores and whatnot that force him to rape her.  It just didn’t matter what we did, the rules were set in place so that we were at fault and we were to be ashamed.

Fuck society.  Fuck whether or not society will ever accept certain things.  At least that’s how I feel individually.  I am so sick to death of society and the way it makes NO FUCKING SENSE and it never has.  I mean really, just in this country alone, let’s look at how it was founded:
“Hey, we don’t want your religion forced upon us.  We have a right to live as we choose.  So we’re going to go find a place where we can live freely, without fear of persecution as every man has the right to live.”
*settlers show up. finds people already living here and they have different culture than their own. proceeds with mass genocide and religious persecution*
Why break my neck to please a society that doesn’t even know what it wants? 
Even today, sex and sexual promiscuity is celebrated and glorified in entertainment in all genders.  But then when we see the same thing in real life, we automatically shame everyone.  And we say, “well, that’s just tv. We don’t really want people doing that.”
“So in other words, we can have sexual freedom but only in fiction?”
“Well, not exactly.  We actually think that’s nasty too.”
“Then I have no sexual freedom.”
“No, you do. Just keep it to yourself.”
“Well, what if my partner tells others about what we did?”
“Well, that’s your own fault for sleeping with them.”
“But shouldn’t they keep it to themselves?”
……..do you see where I’m going?
The madness doesn’t end.  We as a society make no fucking sense and we’re anything but free. 

It shouldn’t matter that she fucks a lot.  (Unless she had some diseases and didn’t care about spreading them. And let’s face it, people like that exist).  We shouldn’t have to have an open discussion in order to “normalize” an abundance of safe sex with multiple partners.  Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with it?  Nothing.  Period.
The only thing that would make it kind of wrong is if she herself claimed to have a set of beliefs that contradicted her behavior.  Cuz hypocrisy isn’t cool no matter how you look at it because, double standards (and we’ve made it full fucking circle!).