Anyone else ever watched this new Netflix series, Atelier?  I watched three episodes and so far I like it.  It’s a very simple series.  Not a lot of soap opera type drama.  Just a show about the every day drama that comes with life.  I like shows like that.
They make me feel good about my everyday life.  Good books do the same thing.  A good story, no matter the medium used to tell it should always do that to its audience.
I often imagine myself as a character in a book or on tv.  Usually in a book though.  It’s my favorite way of motivating myself to do tasks I’m not exactly thrilled about.  I haven’t done it in a long while.
Narrating my life in my head, painting such a beautiful picture of mundane tasks with beautiful words.  It makes me feel strong somehow.  And sometimes, it makes me feel graceful and elegant.  When I narrate the more pleasant activities, like primping or grooming, I feel a bit sophisticated and poise.  Sometimes even fanciful.  Really the feelings depends solely on the narration and the narration depends on the task.
I sometimes imagine an audience, that was reading about me through the pages and I was the image that came to mind.  Sometimes I imagine the audience is actually watching me through a TV screen and that I was living a life like The Truman Show in which I was the producer, director and only writer.
I guess what I’m saying is that the key for me to regaining y strength of self is to rediscover the power of my imagination.