Still waiting for Jem to decide she’s ready to finally show up.
In the meantime, I’ve been looking for anything to keep my mind occupied.
So, I started thinking about making money.  I already know what I’m sitting on a multi-billion dollar corporation that will benefit the world in every way possible.
I started doing research on how to obtain a tax ID and other
guidelines and exploring the market for my best way in.  Of course, I need an income in order to cover any startup costs.  Of course having an income of any kind just to live with would be really nice too.
So, I’ve gone back to my old job as a phone actress to earn some money to start my business with.
For those who know what that is, you’re probably of one of two mindsets; either “Hell yeah, gurl!  Get that money!” OR “What are you thinking?!  You’re a mother!”
If you don’t know what that is, you’re probably just wondering what the hell a phone actress is.  Well, wonder no more.  It’s a phone sex operator.
I did it for over a year before.  Started when I first became pregnant with Jiraiya and continued until we lost our place in Tulsa.
It was actually pretty fun.  Aside from the weirdos with overly graphic rape fantasies and closet pedophiles that called in, I had no complaints about the job at all.  Well, besides the fact that I was using a profile the company provided that happened to be white girls and I had to talk to a lot of racist white guys.  (Seriously white guys, most black women or people in general enjoy being fetishized. Period. It’s not flattering and you can’t say you’re not racist if you’re going to talk about “them” like “they” aren’t people. Oh and the N word isn’t dirty talk. It’s just plain racist. “Dirty slut” is dirty talk. Nasty whore” is also dirty talk. “Fuck me til I break” is also dirty. But the N word will always be racist no matter what you think you might mean by it. Period. Arrogant pigs.)
I simply reported those guys to the site and moved on.
I also didn’t have to do my own marketing because I went through a third party company that handled all that for me.  The only down side to that was how deeply it cut into my bottom line and didn’t know.

So, anyway, here I am.  Back at it again.  Only this time I’m on my own and I’m not putting any effort into marketing or advertising at all.  I don’t want to make a career out of this.
I just want some seed money for my business.
Supplies for making candles and other projects don’t really cost too much.  And any amount I sell them for will turn me a profit.
I’m actually really excited because I actually like money a lot.  More specifically, I like making money.  I love being the beadwinner of our household.  And doing more than just sitting around waiting to go into labor has taken a lot of stress off of me.
Of course I’m not just doing the phone thing.  I also signed up for one of those paid survey sites.  I haven’t made anything off it yet but taking surveys helps kill time and take my mind off of the waiting.
Well, I’m off to list a pair of awesome shoes and bike parts on the Close 5 app so I’ll catch y’all later.
In the meantime, tell me about your weekend in the comments so I can live vicariously through you.  Haha!