Jacques brought home a beautiful notebook.  He said it was a gift for me.  I told him it was a gift for the family.
About a year ago I saw a post on Facebook where this taxi driver in China had a notebook in his car that had a message on the cover which translated to say “If you’re happy, write what makes you happy in the notebook.  If you’re not happy, read the book.”
I shared that post and said I wanted to do that with my family and then never got around to it.  So, I decided to make this gift he brought the happiness notebook.  Basically, it’ll be like our household guest book that everyone reads through and writes in.
I’ve already been planning out where to put it and come up with several things to write in it to get it started.
My hope is this will bring more peace to our home and our family. 
See, Jacques and I both have anxiety issues and bipolar(which really I think is just the PTSD, I think we could eventually be normal if we just get some help with the trauma we grew up with) and with my added OCD and his other issues I’m sure he doesn’t want me to share with the blogisphere, we have been extremely frantic and up and down and all over the place during these tough times.
So, I think we need more things like this in our home will help.
It couldn’t have come at a better time either because I was having contractions again today which made me extra snappy and so we kept yelling at each other a lot today.  It’s been like that a lot. 
That’s not what either one of us wants either, so why do we do it?
Well, mainly because we can’t believe this baby might actually be on time unlike last time.  And we don’t feel ready.  I know I don’t feel ready.  I also know I feel excited as all get out.  Jacques has also recently had a big ol’ “come to jesus” moment a few days ago and has been an emotional wreck since.  And Jiraiya is in his terrible/terrific two’s.
Anyway, stressful times.  We’ve all been there.
I’ll keep y’all posted on how it works out.  ^_^