The other day I had really bad contractions.  Then there was a little bit of blood when I used the toilet.  That was more than enough to freak me out.  So, we went to the hospital.
Spent the whole evening there.  I missed America’s Next Top Model because of it.  It sucked.  They sent me home because they said I wasn’t in active labor yet.  They told me the reason for the blood and that it was normal and okay.  Especially since that’s all there was.
I’m basically not to be doing much at all until the baby officially decides to come.  So, that means my goal for having the laundry done properly isn’t happening until after she gets here.
And yes, they confirmed it is a girl!

I’m so excited!  I gotta say though, this excitement is sending my OCD into overdrive.
It’s been actually very difficult dealing with the CD lately since then. I have to stop and wear headphones a lot and listen to music or something to zone out when I find myself enable to get up and clean my house the way I would when I’m going through an OCD flip out. 
On the bright side jacques has been helping a whole lot around the house.  Even though it took me forever to even notice that he was doing it I’ve been laying here with a pulled muscle in my hip and not being able to get up and take notice really but the other day I did and I gotta say I’m quite impressed.  If both of us were at full capacity, we could keep up the housework in this place will be spotless immaculate.  I’m no longer worried.