I stumbled upon a blog today and she posted her goals for this month.  So, I thought, why in the world didn’t I think of that?  I’m doing it.
So, all day I’ve been thinking about what my goals for this month should be.  Especially considering that this is my last month of pregnancy.  Mobility has been so non-existent for me that Jiraiya (bless his heart) keeps trying to help me get up off the couch.  He just hears me struggling and comes to my rescue.  I won’t even get into what it does for my heart to see how much of a real little man he is.
Well, in coming up with goals, I’m hitting a brick wall because all I can think of for goals are things like, “Get the place ready for Jem.” Or more generalized like, “Get the place clean/organized.”
Now we all know, that is not going to happen.  It just isn’t.  Not for lack of positive thinking but because of reality.  It’s just not wise or safe to try and push myself to get all these things done.  Having Jem born happy, healthy and with minimal complications is more important than any of the extra running around I would have to do to get those things done.
I’ve been racking my brain for a couple hours now since starting this post because usually the answers come to me as I write.  But this time, my pride is getting in the way.  I hate feeling weak like this.  I’m just as strong as any strong man out there.  I pride myself on being an amazon.  That’s why I’m having such a hard time accepting that pregnancy is supposed to be a reasonable excuse to take it easy.  But my compulsions won’t just let me relax.  Trying to ignore Jacques’ devil may care attitude towards housework alone is too much to bear.  But I can whine about that another day.  Right now, I need to focus on setting a few realistic goals for this month.
[Time lapsed: 6 more hours]
Alright, I’ve finally got it.  I put a lot of thought into this list so I’m feeling pretty good about it.

1. Live through childbirth.
They lost me on the table for a minute during my emergency c-section with Jiraiya.  That concerns me a bit because they don’t even know why it happened.  This is my number one goal because without this one, the rest mean nothing.

2. Get the laundry done and put away properly.
The laundry here has piled up so high, I can’t even stand it.  All because Jacques doesn’t care about it and thus thinks neither should I.  He’s only started coming around when I spent last month making sure I did one load every week over at Thrive DC.  Now that he’s caused us to go almost three weeks without doing any, he’s starting to lose his contentment with being filthy and wearing dirty clothes.  I’m going to drag the real Jacques back out of him kicking and screaming if I have to.  And this is just one of many ways I’m going about it.

3. Set up both Jiraiya’s and Jem’s areas.
Due to our lives pretty much being torn apart since about half way through our first pregnancy, we had to move around a lot and struggle and basically play Survivor.  Because of that, Jiraiya never had a space to call his own.  With the new baby coming, I feel super guilty about that and about living in this one bedroom unit in this family shelter instead of the three bedroom townhouse we deserve.  So, I’m going to once and for all establish Jiraiya’s Space so he can feel a sense of pride and belonging every kid should have.  Yes, it will be a big adjustment for Jacques because he has this habit of taking over Everything wherever we live to the point where all you see is him and nothing and no one else everywhere you look.  He doesn’t even know he does this but it ends now.  And he’s made so much progress within himself, I really think he can handle this without freaking out or melting down.  I’m really proud of him.

Anyway, those are my only goals for this month.  Not too much for me to take on and I can slowly work on them without strain through to the end of the month.

The only question remains is, What are your goals for this month?  Let me know in the comments section.