Only to continue to segregate ourselves.  I swear, I see one more “black” this or “us vs them” that and I’m going to freaking scream.  Seriously, I understand why the Black Lives Matter Movement is important but when you look at how we as a community has acted at least as long as I can remember, we have fought tooth and nail to stay seperate.  The way we ridicule each other by measuring one another’s “blackness” and creating channels like Black Entertainment Televizion and I don’t know if it’s true but when Fubu came out when I was a kid, all I heard was that it was an acronym that stood for For Us By Us.  Like I said, no clue to the truth of this but things like that would be met with hatred and hostility of white people did them.  And here in DC, I discovered the channel Bounce TV and the slogan is “TV our way.”  I mean sriously, I would love to see the show What Would You Do do a segment on that.  I’m curious to see how people would react.  Just have a couple of white people talking and one of them, ridiculing the other saying, “You’re white.  We don’t act like that/listen to that/eat that/dress like that etc.” and see how people around them react to hearing that.  Because that’s all I’ve heard my entire life.  I was more accepted and welcomed by every other race but my own because of this sort of mentality.  And it still  continues to this day.
But why?  Why are we treating each other this way?  If a white person said to a black person that they’re supposed listen to a certain type of music or dress a certain way or only eat certain food, or they aren’t a real black person, people would point to that white person and scream racist.
And yes, everyone is responsible for their own actions but people have a tendency to treat other the way they treat themselves to a extent.  For example, the mother who puts her family first and never takes time to think about herself tends to get neglected by her family.  Not because they don’t love and appreciate her but since she doesn’t make herself a priority neither do they.
Now, take that minute habit and imagine the way a truly evil person would treat someone who treats themselves badly.  Now expand that to an entire community.  Think of all the truly evil, racist people that see the black community treating each other this way.  How do you think they’re going to treat us?  If you said “a lot worse” you would have only guessed the tip of the iceburg.
Basically what I’m saying is that this whole Black Lives Matter Movement bothers me because of how I’ve been treated.  The way the black community has ostracized me for not fitting into a small box of stereotypes all based on my skin color.  I’ve been made to feel like an outcast by pretty much every group at one time or another but nothing hurt nearly as bad as what my own community has to me and continues to do.
It just seems to me like just one more thing I’m expected to be passionate and jump on the “us vs them” band wagon just because of my skin color.  But I just can’t be that way.  I used to despise my skin color and now I just don’t care about it.  I don’t think I’ll ever be proud of it let alone love it.  Because I’ve spent my entire life being stuffed into a tiny box labeled “black stereotypes” by my “own kind”.