Just got my new phone from my bestie, Kimmie. I’m so happy, I’m losing my mind. I finally feel a bit more secure now. Okay, a lot more secure and grounded. I’ve gotten so much inspiration just from reading other blogs again and watching youtube videos. I feel like myself again. I don’t feel alone anymore either. Cuz no one besides my husband cares to listen to me talk about arts and crafts or the business I’m working on building. It’s like no one besides the two of us is motivated to do anything in life but sit around doing nothing. Their only interested in existing and don’t try to really live. Being surrounded by that type of perpetual lethargy has really taken its toll on us both. And let’s face it, we’ve been surrounded by this for the last several years. We couldn’t find like-minded people to socialize let alone network with since moving to Tulsa and it seems like we’re surrounded by it again here in DC.
That says a lot about how much we let their energy change ours because we used to attract motivated, energetic people all the time. Now, that’s all we seem to run into.
Now, we’re back online and we have access to the kinds of things that feeds our true selves. Maybe once I get that inner happy person awake and active again, I can finally come up with a new name for my blog.
Well, anyway, I’m officially 36 Weeks and the countdown has begun. I’ll update y’all later. ^_^