I’m going through the same thing right now. I’m going vegan because my body is now rejecting animal products. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with eating meat but there is A LOT wrong with the industrialization of how we go about it.
The silly thing of it is that I’ve actually been putting my conversion to veganism due to the ridicule I’ve succumb to on both sides of the fence. Other vegans would ridicule me for being okay with eating meat at all. And meat eaters would make fun of me and say I’m just following a trend. The one thing they both agree on is that they both think I’m fake.
So, to shut them all up, I continued to put myself through physical pain by eating the way I always have. Vegans had nothing to say to me as long as I wasn’t on their side of the fence and meat eaters didn’t care as long as I stayed on their side.
What I’d like to know is what in the world makes people think they have the right to have and express such strong opinions about what another person eats? I mean sure, the way we’re killing the planet just to overfeed an overwhelming population of our out of touch species is atrocious but that’s true for both our meat eaters and our vegetarians and vegans.  Ever heard of soil erosion?  And how about the ridiculous practice of deforestation just to plant a big ass farm?  There’s really a lot more than a simple change of diet we as a species needs to do to save or planet from further damage.
And we all know we hate the feeling of being shamed and bullied. So, why do people who wouldn’t otherwise bully someone resort to bullying tactics when they’re trying to “do the right thing”?
I dunno. I’m not actually expecting to ever get the answer within this lifetime. I was just thinking out loud.