If you want more joy in your life, bring more joy to others.

Give someone a compliment.
Hold the door open for someone.
Offer change to the person in line in front of you that’s struggling to find a few cents in their purse or pockets they’re short of.

These are just examples of the tiny things you could do every single day to put forth joy into the world and thus infusing it into your life.

I tell you from experience from both ends.  In fact, I’m still riding the wave of uplift I’ve gotten from this goddess I saw walking down the street.  I complimented her.  I simply told her she was beautiful and to my surprise, she said I was too and that she was admiring me as she walked down the street as well.  That happened a couple weeks ago.

Trust me on this one.  It is the easiest thing in the world to do.  It really is.  I’ve even done this on days where I was just so full of anger and I “hated” everyone and everything.

Go on and try it!