During our stay at the children’s hospital, I asked the development team to give Jiraiya an evaluation and they found he’s delayed a few months in his communication skills.  When we explained how chaotic our lives have been for the last year, they understood why.  They said it wasn’t because of something being wrong with him.  They found that him being with his aunts instead of us, was what stuck a big stop and reverse sign in his communication.

Well, that was a great relief.  And they gave me some tips on how to get him back to himself.  One of which, I don’t have a problem implementing: limit tv time.  (or eliminate it. either way. lol)  And talk to him a ton more.  That’s basically it.  They said the things I was doing before that helped him start communicating so early, they said keep doing that and just increase it.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t doing internal backflips and patting myself on the back over this amazing news.


In fact, he’s already shown a noticeable improvement since then.  He’s going to bed without a fuss, he’s waking up without one too.  He lets me know when he’s hungry without crying or whining.  He’s starting to listen to me when I speak and trying to repeat my words again.  That warms my heart so much.  He even sings to me again.  I love it.  Okay, now I’m gonna cry.

I’m just so happy to have my little boy back.  Not having him with me for that whole month and then him not being himself since he’s come back has been really hard on me.  I thought of myself as a failure of a parent.  I felt like a failure of a person.  But I know it’s all okay.  It’s not our fault our landlord was a druggie, thieving, bastard.  We couldn’t have seen that coming.  Okay, I saw it possibly coming because I don’t think ANYONE from Tulsa has any real decency.

[Update 6/22/15]

Today was Jiraiya’s initial appointment with Strong Start to help him get caught back up.  They’re going to give me a call back and schedule an appointment to start having sessions with Jiraiya and me and put in that extra work needed to get him back to himself again.  Yay!  Oh and I signed him up for some free Play Groups so he can work on his social interaction.  He’s not aggressive towards other kids or anything like that.  But he doesn’t know what to do either and I’m looking forward to watching him bloom.  I’ll keep y’all posted.