[I re-read this draft and after having my children taken from me, I don’t think they should be taken away but the parents do need to suffer some sort of consequence for putting their children’s health at risk on purpose.]



I told Jacques the other day about how I’d like to see legislation pass that would make it illegal and CPS reportable to smoke cigarettes in your home when children are present.  I think it’s abusive.
His response was “That’s a bit extreme.”

Yeah?  Well so is lung cancer.  Or a life-threatening asthma attack.  And I think it’s abusive to willingly and consciously take that risk with a child’s health.
I mean really, these same people would gladly sue their employer for unsafe work conditions that caused them a serious illness or injury.  So, what about the children?  Can they sue their parents?  No.  The most they can do is get taken away from them and put into foster care if they were abused.  But since secondhand smoke isn’t considered abuse, they have no choice but to just suffer in silence.

Forget about encouraging any dreams they may have of being an Olympic athlete or anything of that nature.  If they’re parents are so determined to share their lung tar with them, what does that do for their dream?  Do these people think it helps them fly?  Or hold them back?

But any adult in this country that was in a work environment that was hostile or hazardous to their health, they’d be appalled if someone told them, “Well, just get a new job.”  They would rant and rave about how they should never be subjected to such treatment.  Why? Because they KNOW, under the law, they should never have been subjected to that in the first place.  So, how about extending that to the little people in our lives?