[I don’t even remember when I started writing this]

Even though I believe in gender equality, I also believe that the work environment is different and separate from the social environment.

For example:

If an employer believes women are inferior and treats them accordingly, then that employer needs to straighten up and fly right because the work place is not the place to enforce your personal convictions.  Versus, if you’re dating a guy who treats you poorly, then you leave that sack of crap and find a new one.

It is solely your own responsibility who you choose to spend your time with and what you choose to put up with in your personal time.  But under laws that are set against discrimination, it’s your employer’s responsibility to treat each employee fairly and without prejudice.

[Updated 6/12/15]

I re-read this and realized this post shows growth compared to a previous post I published about the woman who was suing Psychopathic Records for mistreating her in the work place.  I remember ranting about personal responsibility in that post.  I don’t know what my problem was.  But I’m glad I grew.  And really, I don’t have anything to add to what I wrote because it was stated so simply, to add to it would just be overkill.

Thank you.