Feminazis are anti-woman.  The women who call themselves feminists but are against a woman staying at home with the children are just as bad as the men who say they belong there.

I mean really, how can you say you’re after equality if all you’re doing is coming up with what you think is the perfect life and condemning everyone who doesn’t conform to that image?  Hypocrisy, that’s how.

If a woman wants to be a homemaker, there’s nothing wrong with that.  If a woman wants to have a career, there’s nothing wrong with that.  That much we already know.  But did you also know that if a man wants to be a stay-at-home dad, there’s nothing wrong with that either?

Well, that, right there is called equality, bitches!  And guess what, true gender equality means that as long as a person isn’t hurting someone or themselves, it doesn’t matter how the hell a full grown adult chooses to live their life.  Gender doesn’t even come into the equation when you’re talking about gender equality.

I believe that a woman should have the right to breast feed and be topless in public and man can go piss on a tree if he wants to.  I mean seriously.  Breasts are sexually arousing and so are penises.  If it’s alright for women to bounce those around all over, then it should be okay for guys to let ’em hang free.

That is equality.  Nothing short of that is true gender equality.

And let me also address the argument that “breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful experience between mother and baby”.  This is extremely true.  What else is extremely true is that no matter how innocent the act, it can be arousing as fuck to the wrong person and you’d never even know it.
A guy pissing is a natural, relieving and innocent act that can also be found arousing to the wrong person and you’d never even know it.

But the difference between the two acts is that one involves a baby and the other one doesn’t. Did it make a difference to the pervert watching and getting hot and bothered?  No.

So, why are we painting the penis to be this picture of all that is evil?  That just because someone can see the penis, then it’s automatically evil?  I just don’t get it.  THAT is part of rape culture.  That men should be ashamed of their organs because they are rape tools.

Guess what, some people can be equally offended by tits and penises alike.  And honestly, I think as long as the guy isn’t pissing on the front entrance of a building or on playground equipment or what have you, then it should NOT be considered a sexual offense.

Only fetishist that are into water play (pissing on each other) consider the act sexual in nature.  So, why are these sick lawmakers forcing this kind of mindset on the rest of us?  It’s the same as all these homophobe jackasses that bash gays but they can’t help getting turned on when their copy of the chippendales calendar comes in the mail.  I mean come on.  If you want to be ashamed of your sexuality, then be that way.  But don’t project that onto the rest of us.

And that brings us full circle back to my original point.  Hypocrisy.  “Feminists” stop calling yourselves such if you object to women staying home with the children.  If you object to women having children.  If you object to MEN staying home with the kids.  If you have a problem with single dads in general.  If you believe in public breastfeeding and a woman’s right to be topless in public but object to public urination for men (within reason).
Also, if you object to female strippers but see nothing wrong with male strippers.  Seriously, that is some seriously fun stuff to some people.  Think about it, getting paid to be oggled at?  People get that for free everyday walking down the street.  I’m just sayin.

Remember, women are strong.  We are just as strong as men and are just as capable of the same acts as men are.  Including rape.  So what if we rape with a foreign object rather than a sex organ.  It’s still rape.  And when women are pushy on men and “seduce” them, it can also be considered rape.  Why?  Because just the same as a wet pussy doesn’t constitute consent, neither does a hard cock.  In these types of situations the woman has committed the act of rape by putting the man in a situation where he can be the bad guy no matter what he does.  If he’s a nice guy, he’s not going to smack the woman and curse at her the way a woman would do to a man in the reverse situation.  If this thought has never occurred to you even once during a discussion of this topic, you might not have previously understood what exactly rape is.

Anyway, I’m just saying.  You can’t call yourself a feminist if you go around saying that your idea of the right way to live is the only way to live.  Period.

Now, that rant wasn’t so hard to endure, was it?  I’m a feminist.  Nice to meet you.

[Update 6/12/15]

This is one of those rare occasions where I’ve read what I’ve written and feel perfectly satisfied with the way I wrote this.  I hope you are too.  And if not, then you might be one of the people, I’m talking about in which case, I offer no apologies.