Last week was full of the best blessings in disguise.  I gave Jacques what he considers the best birthday ever on the 5th followed by him waking up sick as a dog the next day.  He’s been sick since then and still is.  Mainly because he wasn’t taking proper care of himself and refuses to see the doctor and still smokes (yuck!).  Anyway, Jiraiya got sick Tuesday night and he had a fever for the first time.  I brought him to the hospital by ambulance first thing Wednesday morning.  And that’s when the blessings came rolling in.

The social workers here have helped me get the ball rolling on Jiraiya’s birth certificate.  They provided the money we needed to get it and the envelope and everything we needed in order to get it.  That means, I can finally get TANF and lock in Jiraiya’s WIC.  I can also get his medicaid which is the next thing we were able to fix and now, he’s getting caught up on his immunizations and getting connected to a primary care doctor.

They also assessed his development and spotted his delays and got me hooked up with Strong Start so he can get caught back up to where he used to be.  they also reassured me that it wasn’t our fault that he became delayed.  It was our circumstances that stressed him out and interrupted his development.  That’s still sucky because I wish I could’ve kept all this from happening but at least I know it’ll be alright.

And they’ve already scheduled an appointment for him in September to see how he’s doing by then.  I also get to find out the gender of the baby we’re having.  Not that I don’t already know.  My dreams told me just like they did last time.  But I’m waiting until I have ultrasound pics to share before I announce it to the rest of the world.  ^_^

Anyway, more updates to come!  Love and light!