Today’s affirmation text was not to worry about what other people think.  And I used the old saying, “You could be the sweetest, juiciest, ripest peach that ever was but there will still be people that just don’t like peaches.”  I don’t always get responses but this time I did.  First, “you got it” followed by something along the lines of “you don’t have to like peaches but not liking them won’t stop them from growing. so, on that note, get over it.

Now, I know what they were trying to say.  They were basically saying that haters need to stop hating and get over it.  And that’s the usual response I see online when people are trying to uplift themselves.  They say things like, “fuck the haters” or “don’t like me? no problem, I don’t have time to worry about you anyway.” or what have you. (I’m not good at shit talking when I’m not pissed, but you get the point, right?)

But what I never understood is why do they need to “get over it”?  Why are you even concerned even the slightest enough to acknowledge what isn’t serving your life any productive purpose?  Is it helping perpetuate your forward and upward motion?  Is it having a positive impact on you?  Did they inspire you in some profound way?
No?  Then why are you spending even a moment of your time to tell the haters to “get over it”?

And what if they don’t get over it?  What if they still don’t like you?  Then what?  How will you feel about that?  Will you tell them again?  Will you stop what you’re doing to address the situation?

Okay, you’ve told off your hater and told them that they can’t stop you and all their hate doesn’t phase you but just by saying these words to them, you’ve rendered yourself a liar.  Yep.  Lemme get a bit hood on you when I say, You’s a damn lie!

If they didn’t phase you, you wouldn’t take time out of your day to address them.  If the ants in the park across town aren’t phasing you, you’re not going to get in your car (or on the bus. or, in my case, walk) and go all the way down there just to step on them. (at least I hope not)
So, why take the time to tell the naysayers and haters to get over it?

If the kids playing catch in their front yard a block from your house doesn’t stop you from driving up the street, you wouldn’t drive up in front of their house and tell them to cut it out.

You see how ridiculous it is?  Let’s re-examine that old saying:

“You can be the sweetest, juiciest, ripest peach that ever was and there will still be people that don’t like peaches.”

This Wonderling responded by pointing out to these people that they don’t have to like peaches.  That is very true.  But just the same as the peach has the right to be as peachy as they want to be, people have the right to feel about them any way they want.  They don’t have to get over it.  But you do if you want to continue to grow in a positive way.