[started 4/12/15]

I acknowledge and respect your years of study and the degrees you’ve earned to become the doctors you are, but only as long as you respect and acknowledge the years I’ve been inside this body of mine and the advantage knowing what my body is telling me better than books can tell you.

I hate arguing with people about what’s happening to my own body.  I mean seriously, and to have to argue just to defend my decision to convert to a vegan lifestyle?
Now, I understand why so many vegans I’ve seen online are mean, judgmental and just plain hateful.  Here, they are trying to make a positive change in their own lives that the planet would thank them for and they’ve got people trying to tell them right and left what they should be doing with their bodies.

Like, for real just because you don’t have the knowledge necessary to help guide me through this conversion of lifestyle in a healthy way doesn’t mean you have to tell me I’m wrong or judge me, or put me down in any way.

[Updated 6/12/15]

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but it’s the simple truth.  Being vegan isn’t like the decision to use or not use drugs, or drink alcohol, or self-mutilate myself or smoke cigarettes.  Those things, we already know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, are bad for us.  It’s not an eating disorder either.  Anorexia and bulimia, those are eating disorders.  Simply omitting certain foods from my diet for personal and environmental health reasons are not.  It’s also not detrimental to my health.

Oh, and my son?  He’s going vegan all on his own.  He used to love meat and animal products and now he’s eating less and less of it and more and more of fruits and veggies.  Sure, it may be a phase, but his blood work concerning his nutrient levels have shown to be perfect.  10 stars, they said at the WIC office.  In fact, everything has continued to be perfect until this recent bout with a nasty virus.  And both he and Jacques got that, so it has nothing to do with his change in diet.

I’m just saying, what’s right for one person, may not be right for another.  When you try to tell someone else what is or isn’t good for them without any real evidence outside of your own opinion or experience, then you’re doing nothing more than trying to turn that person into your clone.  And since you’re being a controlling, manipulative person, the world would appreciate if you didn’t make another one of those.  Thank you.