I went to a child’s birthday party yesterday and ate a lot of things I shouldn’t have.  Meat and dairy.  Yep.  I’m vegan.  At least I’m trying to be.  My body demands it.  Besides, it’s better for the environment since the meat industry forgot that we are what we eat and if they animals we eat are miserable, malnourished and sickly, then so will we.  Same with our environment.  So, they’re not getting anymore of my money.

But that’s not the reason why I’m going vegan.  My body underwent a dramatic change.  It doesn’t process meat or dairy the way it used to.  I still crave it though.  But it’s no longer kind to me.

And don’t worry, once I get the hang of this new lifestyle, I’m not going to go around cyberbullying anyone who eats meat or dairy.  Or badmouthing any omnivores or carnivores.  Positive change can’t be gained by hatred or malice.

Anyway, this change hasn’t been easy for me.  I’m always hungry since my options are now so limited and I don’t have any tupperware or lunch boxes to take with me to places like a kid’s birthday party.  So, I caved and ate my fill.  It was so much fun.  Especially all the ginger ale and kool-aid.  And the ice cream was something I didn’t know I missed so much.  Same for fried chicken.  But I started suffering for it almost immediately.  But today I’m noticing a ton of reasons not to let myself go like that again.

Like my allergies.  They’ve kicked in already this season but they haven’t been this bad.  I don’t know what the connection is exactly but whatever it is I’m getting from a vegan diet that I’m not getting from an omniforous diet has been keeping the sneezing fits to a bare minimum.  Today, I’ve already had several severe sneezing fits.  My nose is like a faucet and the sinus pressure is out of this world.
That’s aside from the expected discomfort downstairs.  I’m eating some fresh kale while I’m typing this in hopes that it will help fix the damage I’ve done to my innards.  I didn’t think there’d be such a drastic difference in my body

I’m especially glad Mr. J isn’t against me going vegan anymore.  He used to be such a jerk about it.  Saying things like he doesn’t trust anyone who doesn’t eat meat.   Now he’s very supportive.