Oh. My. God.  So much has happened since the last time I posted.  I’ve blogged a lot of it on word documents offline to keep up with the highlights of what’s been going through my mind through all of it.  But man, oh man.  I just couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to check in with an impromptu blog post summarizing some of my favorite highlights of my life back in D.C.

I recently cut all my hair off.  I was hanging out outside with my husband, son and some people that my husband knows.  Somehow a louse got on me and went to town chewing on me and I freaked out when I found it a few days later and decided it all had to go.  I still want to shave my head completely, but Jacques insists that it’s fine as a low cut the way it is and it will grow back and I’m bug free.  I’m still trying to get over the heeby jeebies of the fact that I’ve lived my entire life without ever once having a threat of lice effect me in the slightest and all of a sudden, I get it.  From OUTSIDE at that!  What in the freaking world?!  Now, I’m pleased to report that not a single louse was found on Jacques’s or Jiraiya’s heads and yet Jacques was compassionate enough to chop off all of his long luxurious locks as a sign of unity.  “You jump, I jump, Jack.”  That was sweet of him.

We’ve been attending these life skills classes here at the shelter every Wednesday and so far it has been my weekly reset button.  I tend to allow Jacques’s bad attitude to bring me way down and knock me off of my positive peak.  But I also know that’s only because he’s being brought down by the people he’s around while he’s outside the home.  Negative people, down-trodden people, pessimistic people and overall haters.  That’s all he seems to be surrounded by whenever he steps out of the house.  I have a few theories on that, that I’ll write about later.
But, just like a drowning person, when we’re being dragged down, we tend to grasp at anyone and anything out of desperation to pull ourselves back up.  And just like a drowning person, when we do that, the person we’re clinging to ends up pulled down too.  That’s another topic I’ll write about later.

Anyway, came up with a name for my parent company awhile ago and even though I knew exactly what each subcopmany was going to be in minute detail, I didn’t have names for any of them until just a few days ago.  and I can’t wait to get started now.  I am so pumped!

What else….  Oh yeah, I’m going vegan.  For a number of reasons: 1) I absolutely abhor what the meat and dairy industries are doing to the animals and the environment.  2) I detest what they’re doing to people’s bodies.  I’m not against eating meat or dairy or what have you, but I am against treating the animals as if they’re not living creatures.  3) You are what you eat and these poor animals are pumped full of chemicals and malnourished. 4) My body is catching up with my conscience and started rejecting animal products. 5) I’ve found that a proper vegan diet offers the body a lot more nourishment than any other way of eating I’ve ever tried.  And yes, I’ll write more about this later as well.

Oh, and I’ve recently started sending out daily affirmation texts to all my friends.  Okay, I don’t really have that many friends but from what they’ve told me, it’s helping them and that in turn is helping me as I practice being the fitness-based life coach I was born to be.
And I think I’ll be expanding that to my blog as well.  And I literally, just as I was typing this, thought of that.  And the idea terrifies me but feels so right, so starting as soon as possible, I’ll be adding that to this blog.

Oh and I’m big as a house with pregnancy.  I’m in my sixth month and I didn’t get nearly this big with the Bear.  So, I’m hoping this one’s a girl.  I would be finding out soon enough if they can just get my insurance straightened out.  Apparently the system has been acting up and people (including me) have been applying and getting lost.  So, then we have to apply again (and again and again).  So, once that’s straightened out, I’ll find out what we’re having this time around and I’ll be happy to let you all know!

Oh and yesterday we had a lovely visit with Mr. J’s mom.  I say it was lovely because even though I could tell that it made her sad to see just how bad we’re doing, she didn’t let it put a damper on our visit.  In fact, I’m thinking that now, she’ll stop dragging her feet and really start throwing projects at me that I can make a little bit of money from.
I’ve been daydreaming lately about a few decades from now when I’m rich and famous and when I tell my story to one the Diane Sawyer of that time and how many people I’ll inspire when they hear that I used to live like this and this is where I made a turning point.  I know I can someday be an inspiration to late bloomers everywhere and you guessed it, I’ll be writing more on that subject later.

I’ve also just realized there are several blog posts I started months ago and never published, so I’m definitely going to finish them and post them since I know you’re all just dying to know what nonsensical ramblings you’ve been missing out on.

But on a more serious note, I am so happy to be writing in this blog again.  I’ve missed it so much.  It seemed like everything in the world was doing what it could to keep me from doing this.  And for awhile there, I was letting it.  And that was so not fair.  Not to me or to whoever I might actually still be reading this.

Alright, that’s enough of that.  I’ve got a lot to writing to catch up on.  I think I got all the most important highlights.  I’m so glad to be back in Wonderland!  Talk to you soon!