Yesterday was a lovely first day of the year.  I only had a few anxiety attacks over my father spending money on me.  And we got a new movie on blu-ray.  Batman: Assault on Arkham, I do believe was the title.  All I know is it’s awesome.  And I’m all over it.  I’m pretty much one of the main characters.

Jiraiya is growing so fast.  I still can’t believe he’s a whole year old.  And his first birthday party was awesome thanks to his Grandma Tina.  She brought cupcakes and ice cream and chips and hot dogs.  And the burgers were awesome.
I meant to get him up at 7:37am on his birthday because that’s what I want to do every year on his birthday is get him up at the time he was born and hold him and tell him how much I love him and how glad I am that he’s my son.  I love that we can create our own traditions just like that.

So, today it the second day of the year and I haven’t smoked at all.  Before bed last night, I got some yoga in and started drawing a self-portait.  Jiraiya got me up at 5:30 this morning.  I definitely didn’t get enough sleep because I didn’t get to bed until almost 2.  He didn’t even want to be up yet.  He kept rubbing his face the way he does when he’s sleepy.  Then finally, after a bottle and playing about ten minutes with his baby laptop he got for his birthday, he laid back down and went back to sleep.  But by then it was too late.  The Animal Crossing alarm I set for 8:00 went off only minutes after his snoring started.

I gotta tell ya, I’m so tired.  I’m struggling to stay awake right now.  And Looney Tunes is not helping like it did when I was a kid.

Time to do something about this.  Time for Shower Time Karaoke.