I am so happy.  Had a couple bumps in the road the last couple weeks.  I failed to quit smoking.  And I instead made it my New Year’s Resolution.
I didn’t write about my failure sooner due to the shame I felt for having failed in the first place.

Mr. J and I had a couple fights started by me.  I blame that on George’s visit and nicotine withdrawal.  Oh and the anxiety of seeing my dad for the first time in years and the Bear turning 1.

But we’re okay now.  Mr. J has demonstrated a level of forgiveness and patience he has never previously surpassed.  That was a wonderful present.  I feel like I can enter 2015 with a clean slate and a brand new attitude.

Also, my dad got me the full version of the video capture software, Debut and the video editing software VideoPad.  I am so stoked about that.  Now you’ll be getting more video updates to go along with my written blog posts.  I really hope you enjoy them!

Well, the new year has come as I was typing this up.  I smoked my last cigarette at 11:21 and I’m feeling really good about this.  I have a new yoga mat, my 2015 planner, my 5lb weights, my vitamins and calcium supplements, my shake cup, my protein powder, and a boat load of art supplies.  I am ready.  Ready to tackle these resolutions and come out of the other side of 2015 a brand new Harley.  A brand new Jacqueline.  A better mom, better wife, better yogi and a happier, more peaceful person all around.

Well, with a new year should come a new look, so I’m going to fight this alcohol induced cig craving by giving myself a manicure and a pedicure.

Happy New Year, everypony!