So, my father is pulling out all the stops this Christmas.  He is succeeding where I have failed.  I have been wanting to get Mr. J a Playstation 4 since before it even came out.  And now, it’s finally happening.  My dad has sent several packages leading up to the big one.  First was a surge protector to protect the little darling. Jacques was unsuspecting until this came yesterday.

Untitled 12
He was so excited and hysterical, he woke Jiraiya up out of his sleep and picked him up and danced with him around the house.  After the initial excitement came down, he thought that maybe my dad bought the PS4 version by mistake.

Until this arrived this morning.
Untitled 13

He’s just about lost his crap today.  For real.  I would’ve taken pictures of his reaction but I’m only working with my laptop’s built-in webcam and he wasn’t giving me the opportunity to take a picture on the sly.  He’s too camera shy.  When you point a camera at him and he knows it, he starts posing.  All the authenticity of a reaction photo is then lost.

I’ll keep you posted on Operation: Epic Christmas

Harley out.