This gives me hope. To know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. I have PTSD, people. Not the kind from war but I have been triggered and gone into fits of depression and crying and anxiety attacks that have led me to bottom out.
How do I handle this? I fight every day to live my life on my terms. I refuse to let the people who violated me have control over the way I live my life.
Sound familiar, feminazis? That’s what you’re saying we should have the right to do BEFORE we get raped. Why not after? Is what you’re trying to say that we should only be strong when we’re fine and then turn into cowering, self-entitled wimps just because something bad happened to us? Is that how every man should act when he gets raped? Because if you’re really about equality, then that is what you’re saying. But it’s not. And that’s what makes you feminazis and me a feminist.