Jiraiya is going through a tremendous growth spurt right now and it’s almost impossible to sooth him.  I did discover an interesting way to calm him down.
I was frustrated with his inability to be soothed and had already tried everything I could think of; food, formula, diaper change, bath, singing, rocking you name it.  I even changed my facebook status comparing the sound of his whining to flesh-eating ear worms.
I was getting pretty upset.  At my whit’s end, I picked him up again and laid him across my torso and put my face really close to his and started matching his tones exactly.  The change was immediate.  He went from upset whining to awed tones.
He stared at my face as he kept making sounds.  Then he started touching my face.  He kept this up even as he drifted off to dreamland.

It must be the tones that sooth the savage beast that is teething.  I don’t blame him.  That does sound pretty cool.  I even liked it as a kid.  I remember laying in bed at night and cupping my ears and singing myself to sleep.
I can picturing him as a kid doing the same thing.  I hope to hear that sometime as I check on him in the middle of the night.  If I could, I would show you a video of the Hallmark Channel-type moment I’m imagining right now.  It’s so sweet, it’ll give you cavities.

Well, he’s still asleep, so I guess I’d better get something done while I still can.