As I think I’ve mentioned before, I started an Etsy shop about a year ago and never got around to listing anything to sell.  I’m finally in a position to make some things to sell and I am SO excited about the notion that I found myself wanting to jump right into it.  But I’ve calmed down enough to want to make a few things for myself and my family for practice first just to get my creative juices flowing again and resharpen my skills.

Since fabric can be expensive, especially when you’re making something to sell and need high quality for that, I decided to use some things in my wardrobe that I’ve out grown.  Considering, that I was a stick figure when I bought them int he first place, out growing them wasn’t hard to do.

I wish I had taken pictures of what they were before I altered them.  But I don’t think it’ll take that much of a stretch of the imagination to know what I’m talking about since I barely did anything at all.  Hell, some could say that calling what I did “altering” is a bit lofty a word for me to use, but then again some people can just learn to balance a glass of water on the tip of their nose since they insist on keeping it so high up in the air.

The first thing I made was a dress into a skirt.

Simple Skirt
All I did was cut the straps off and pull it down.  I did this because when I first bought it, it fit.  Then my boobs grew and they decided they wanted to be free and I wasn’t having that even with a matching bra underneath.  I like it because the stretchiness to the top part makes for a great waistband and kind of cinches my waist to look more define and curvy.  But that’s just what I see when I look at it.  Of course, I haven’t made a proper outfit out of it yet so, there’s no telling what it would look like all dolled up.

The next thing I made was a pair of sleeves or “arm warmers” out of a pair of leggings.

Green Sleeves
All I did here was cut the legs off and put them on my arms.  I kept the top half as a pair of booty shorts which you’re so not getting a picture of.  Hahaha.

And that’s the extent to which I’m doing anything right now until I have real materials and better ideas to work with.  Because, man the fabric of that dress was just crappy and crap can be.  But I only paid $6 for it, so I’m not mad.  It’s pretty durable for being so cheap but once you cut that kind of fabric up, it basically falls apart, so there was nothing more I could do than what I did.  And I’ve never worked with spandex before, so I didn’t know what else to do without without messing butchering it completely.

So my little bit of advice for this post is just be proud of whatever you do.  Whether it’s sewing, painting, writing crafting or whatever.  Don’t worry about comparing yourself to other people.  Just make sure you are happy with what you’ve done and as long as you’re happy with it, that’s all that should matter.