For that matter, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?  She’s probably hanging out with Waldo somewhere on some deserted beach drinking mai tais and laughing at us all.

But I digress, where are we now?  What are we doing?  Well, I’m glad you asked that question.  We’re on Mr. J’s aunt’s couch until we can get into our own.  My pudd’n is working for his uncle and I’m trying to get my Etsy shop off the ground…..
Okay, it has to get on the ground first to get off the ground.  But I’m putting a lot of things together that can allow me to make money from home since somebody’s gotta stay with the Bear.  I’m also hoping to someday fund my getting certified in yoga instruction.  And I mean Yoga Alliance certified.  Not just certified by just anybody.

And about my whole dream of becoming a yoga instructor/fitness guru/nutritionist have been on hold for a long time but not forgotten.  I’m a bit embarrassed to even still claim it to be my dream considering I haven’t exercised regularly in about 2 years started smoking after succumbing to depression after my breast milk dried up and I had to put the Bear on formula.
I also haven’t been eating as healthy as I’d like to.  Between the depression and the bitterness, I kept giving into cravings for bad things if I bothered to eat at all.  And true to form, irregular and poor eating habits caused me to gain weight.  My stamina is pretty much nonexistent and so is my immune system since the Bear was able to get me so sick in such a short time.  (how in the world is he handling it so much better than me?  I must be doing a good job in feeding him the right stuff. *cheeky grin*)

No more excuses!  With this renew enthusiasm I will regain my health, quit smoking and fulfill my destined dream of being a yoga fitness guru!