I need to address something that has been bugging the crap out of me for years.

Why in the world are weight conscious people convinced that it’s a good idea to eat more food but get less out of it?  Would they be just as thrilled if a gas station decided to water down their fuel and charge them more for it?

What set me off on this tangent was a Yoplait commercial about their fat free yogurt.  It just bugged me.  You see, their fat free yogurt is the same amount of yogurt as their low fat yogurt.  But you get less calories out of the fat free yogurt than you do the low fat yogurt.  Now, this isn’t one of the things that bugs me the most because this is on the mild side of the issue.  When you get into things like those Progresso soups  that are the SAME THING as their other soups but with half the calories and fat, then you’re starting to bug the crap out of me.
Honestly, what happened to the concept of just simply eating less?  Since when have we become so obsessed with having our cake and eating it too, that we’re doing whatever we can to our food to make sure we don’t get fat from it.  In the process, we’re replacing real food with artifical ingredients and filler.  Hell, we’re even genetically modifying more than half our produce.  My percentage is not based on hard facts but on estimations based on other facts, it’s complicated. Just look some stuff up.  Like the yoga mat chemical found in Subway’s bread.  Why in the f’ing world is that being put in ANY food ANYwhere?  And have you seen the commercial for this magic bar that you eat, drink some water and you end up staying fuller longer?  What in the world is that crap?  What is it even made of?  Its supposed to fill you up without getting you fat… does it offer any nutritional value?  Any vitamins? Minerals? Omega-3’s or anything like that?  How about empty calories?  No?  Then what in the name of everything that’s holy and a few things that aren’t is the point of eating it??

Our body needs vitamins, minerals, a few other kinds of nutrients like proteins and carbs in order to function.  Hell, we even need some fat.  So, why in the f’ing world does anyone think it’s a good idea to get less of these things just to avoid eating calories?

I remember when I first started to get very serious about eating right.  I started buying foods that the commercials said were healthy and good for weight management.  I am a BIG cereal fan and thought switching from my sugary cereals to something more healthy woukd be a good choice.  So, I switched to Kashi cereals that claimed it was “heart healthy”.  But as I later inspected the label while enjoying a bowl, I quickly realized that it offered almost no nutritional value.  In fact, it had much less than fact the essential vitamins and minerals than the sugary  cereals I traded in.  And thats when I realized my priorities were centered around the number on the scale and the imagined fat rolls around my waist.

I started to develop an eating disorder.  I never got to the point where I needed to seek medical attention or anything but people did suspect me of smoking crack or something because I got skinny as a paper doll.  But I loved to eat so much that I could give it up altogether and couldn’t throw it up.  But I exercised obsessively and skipped meals almost all the time.  I smoked cigarettes to control my hunger.  I was a hot mess to say thebleast.  It’s no wonder I was so miseable and depressed.

Long story short, I started focusing on health and threw out my scale.  To this day, I only get weighed at doctor’s appointments.  I started reading the labels of everything I bought and making more health-conscious decisions.  I exercised a normal, healthy amount and I had never been happier with my body.  Of course, it wasn’t until I got pregnant that I finally quit smoking but I’ll write more about addiction later.

Basically, what I’m trying to say that the best advice I ever got concerning how to eat healthy is from the Six Pack Shortcuts guy who said, “If it’s marketed as healthy, it probably isn’t.”  He goes on to talk about what we know is good for us vs what isn’t because we’re all told from an early age that fruits an veggies are good for us and too much candy is bad etc (that is, unless you had parents like the ones of this one little boy I babysat once, who thought a bag of Hotess doughnuts and a Diet Pepsi was a suitable breakfast for a three year old. in which case, I’m so sorry).  Anyway, if you’re into bodybuilding, you should check out his videos on YouTube.  I don’t know him, I just like his videos.  No, I don’t bodybuild but I do have difficulty keeping muscle on my body becauseI have what I call and over zealous metabolism.  I burn fat off so quickly that cardio tends to turn my metabolism a destructive force on my body.  So I apply some of his dietary tips along with some other gurus and fitness folk, to the best of my ability.  But anyway, that’s enough of me ranting for one day.

Here’s a few of the sources I seek a lot of my workout tips from:

Six Pack Shortcuts YouTube
Tara stiles YouTube channel
Fully Raw Kristina
My Yoga Online
Rebekah Borucki