The environment

The economy

Human rights
Children’s health and safety
Society’s attitutde in general

These are just a few issues that I am very passionate about and would love nothing more than to make a big, fat positive impact on.

But instead I’m what I call an “inactive activist”.  This means that the only thing I do is sign a bunch of random petitions and share posts I didn’t even make on facebook from pages I can barely keep up with because there’s so many.  And every now and then I go on a rant about something serious wrong in one of these categories.
But what do I actually DO about any of it?  Nothing.  Not a damn thing.  Why do you think that is? Well, I can give you several reasons why;  I don’t have the time to organize a protest or to go out collecting signatures because pretty much every waking moment is spent working or taking care of my son, I lack the funds to donate to any charities that support these causes, I can’t afford the better products that are alternative to the ones I want to boycott, and I dont know what I could possibly do with no money or time to donate to the cause.  Sounds familiar right?  Let me let you in on a little secret; those are all excuses.

I know.  I know.  That’s really hard to hear but tough titty.  The majority of people in our country feel that way and that’s exactly why these causes go without true continual change.

Ever wonder why we’ve been studying and looking for a cure for cancer for almost two decades and still haven’t even come close despite millions of dollars being donated to exactly thatevery year not only by us little people but also by private sponsoring and govrnmnt subsidies?  Yeah, me too.

Especially when some scientist in Germany made the first artifical eye that possibly can be seen out of.  Pretty cool, huh?  Oh and have you heard about the artifical heart?  All this is within our grasp but a cure for the most stubborn disease is just that far beyond our comprehension that all that money and time and they’ve still pretty much come up wih nohing.

This article isn’t about that, I’m just saying.  Wtf is up wih that?

Now, what can some broke joker like myself do to make a difference in the world?  I don’t know but I’m dtermined to start somewhere.  One place I can start is with actually recycling.  I have a big blue recycling bin that’s to be picked up every week by the city and I need to stop being so lazy and actually sort my recycling from now on.  It’s not that hard.

And I’m always talking about wanting to start a garden.  So, I could just make sure to include bee-friendly flowers in it.  And the vegetables, I include can be donated to a food bank or other charity that hands out food to needy families.

I can learn to make from scratch the kind of foods I enjoy so I don’t have to buy them from the companies I’d rather boycott instead of worrying about spending extra cash on organic alternatives.

I can learn how to make my own eco-friendly household cleaners.  I can also do all my clothes shopping from secondhand stores.  And if I ever have an occassion where I have to buy something brand new, I can make sure it was made a company whose factory workers are paid a fair wage.

And that’s just the few things I got off the top of my head.  And they each have the domino effect of saving me all kinds of money.  So, if it’s that easy, why didn’t I start sooner?  Yes, why didn’t I?  I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the same question.  Well, don’t.  Don’t worry about why you didn’t start sooner and focus on starting now.  Kicking yourself for not having started sooner is only going to result in an endless guilt trip that takes a tone of energy away from what you want to do in the first place.  And for some(like me), it can lead to depression which robs them of the energy to do anyhing at all.  But more on that subject another time.

Question time! !

I want to knowwhat those of you that are struggling financially do to make a difference in your community.  And for those who want to do more, what do you think is stopping you?