The only reason I even bother reading anything in magazines like Cosmopolitan is to understand the multitude of issues people face.  This one simply made me scratch my head in wonder.

20 Looks That are Really Hard to Pull Off Past Your Twenties

The first thing that got me was the title.  What do they really mean by “pull off”?  I understand that phrase can also mean “get away with” and when I think of “getting away” with something, I think of breaking the rules without getting caught or punished by an authority figure of some kind.
So, this begged the question, who exactly am I trying to avoid “getting caught” by?  Now, I understand that when it comes to business, there’s a certain decorum and that includes your appearance.  I mean, let’s face it, as inspiring as the story behind The Pursuit of Happyness is, that just isn’t going to happen to all of us.  But outside of the office, whose opinion are we so concerned about?  Where is this phantom ‘fashion police’ that dictates  our every fashion decision?  Who are we trying to impress?  And since when does their opinion matter that much more than our own? Better yet, when did we lose the ability to form our own opinions?

Sure, I can understand that certain things just aren’t going to look ridiculous on anyone outside of a certain setting or age range but those things are very limited.  Like a onesie with feet and tebby bears and lollipops all over it and a baby bonnet worn to a presidential debate and you’re one of the candidates.  Of course, that’s one of those circumstances in which you’re not dressing for yourself.

But when in our lives are we actually dressing for someone else?  Let’s count them out:

1.  Job interviews

2.  At work (including acting and modeling etc. no need for redundancy)

3. Business meetings

4.  Being a spokeperson

5.  Beauty pageants or other similar competitions where your appearance is factored into the judging process

6.  When little kids want you to play dress up

Other than those circumstances and those like them, we should be dressing to make ourselves feel good and no one else’s opion should even be a factor in (that is, unless we want it. who doesn’t want their partner to like where they’re wearing? ;D ).

Bottom line; think for yourself.  Besides, think about this; when you’re walking down the street and you see someone’s outfit and think “wow, that’s gorgeous. I must have that look.” what makes you think designers don’t think the same thing and then sell that same street style back to the public for hundreds and thousands more than the original look probably cost.

Think for yourselves, ladies!