As a Juggalette mom-to-be I can’t help but think to myself what I envision for my kids.  And a few weeks ago, I was watching an episode of Wife Swap.  This is a show I don’t really watch but this particular swap caught my attention.

It was a gothic, counterculture family swapping wives with a very conservative, upper-middle-class family.  Now, at first glance, my rebel’s heart saw no problems with the goth family and everything wrong with the conservative family.  The husband of the conservative family automatically gave me a much greater appreciation for my husband because of the way the wife seemed so oppressed an his tantrums were over the most petty things I could think of.  And the goth family parents at first glance seemed very open-minded.

But when the counterculture parents expressed concern about their daughter “going mainstream” and expressed nothing but disdain for anything she was into that could be considered popular, I was just as appalled at that as I would be at anyone else who judged me for having tattoos.

This made me catch myself.  I pride myself on being open-minded and yet I found myself judging the more conservative-looking family based on the same superficial attributes as I’ve been judged by; income, appearance, interests and hobbies.

Why?  What kind arrogance could lead someone to go around judging other people and still have the audacity to be offended when they themselves get judged?  And for that matter, how can anyone have nerve enough to shout in the streets about their right to be who they want to be freely and without persecution and then condemning anyone who likes something popular.



I noticed a trend amongst the subcultures, that we tend to be just as guilty of being judgmental and shallow as those in pop culture.  Not to mention elitist.  So, wherein lies the difference?
I honestly think those of us who are considered outcasts or embrace a subculture as their own need to take the stick out of our collective asses and stop being judgmental pots and let the kettles be.