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Alright, in case you can’t tell, this post is Juggalo-related.  But it is also common sense and self-respect related.

I just read an article in which a female former employee of Psycopathic Records is suing them for sexual harassment amongst a barrage of other ridiculous charges.

Now, i’m not saying that the charges are ridiculous.  Nope.  In fact, I would sue if my boss did those things to me as well.  But what makes her case so ridiculous is that she didn’t quit.  she didn’t file any complaints.  She just stayed and did her job for three years until she was terminated.  AFTER being fired, suddenly their treatment of her was just intolerable and she demands compensation.

I’m sorry…. That’s just completely ludicrous.  There is such a thing as personal responsibility.  It is YOUR responsibility to speak of for yourself and demand fair treatment.  YOU are responsible for your OWN feelings.

And I would also like to add the little known fact that in the entertainment business women are almost ALWAYS accosted in a degrading and/or sexual manner.  They’re treated like objects and expected to perform sexual favors with or without financial compensation.  They only make it in one of two ways; they either do it or they earn mad respect by not doing it and holding on to their dignity and self-respect.  That’s it.  That’s how it goes.

So, for this woman to try and sue her former employer LONG after the fact, only serves to take us a step back in the wrong direction when it comes to women’s rights.  Really, we fought hard for the right to be heard when we speak out RIGHT AWAY.  Not to cower and suck it up and wait until we’re at a safe distance and then start pointing our finger at the culprit like, “You big meanie!  You did this to me!  Everyone look at what they put me through it was horrible!”
I mean come ON. It’s not like she couldn’t have quit her job at ANY point.  and as for her claims about the loss of further employment or what have you, that has nothing to do with anything they did to her directly.  That’s all on her and her choice to work for the WORLD’S MOST HATED BAND AND RECORD LABEL.  Geez, what did she think was going to happen?

And might I add that if someone gave me a dildo as a gift, I’d be thankful, not upset.  Those things are damn expensive!

And waiting an entire year after the fact to even taken this action?  I mean REALLY?  Sure she filed sexual harassment claims while she was there but honestly, if it’s so bad that you feel that you need therapy, you LEAVE THAT JOB RIGHT THEN AND SUE IMMEDIATELY.  She’s a grown-ass woman who is simply milking the victim role.

So many women keep playing the victim when they should be taking responsibility for their own feelings and showing a ZERO TOLERANCE when it comes to what makes them feel bad but they have absolutely no problem shelling out tons of cash to a lawyer and demanding a ton of money for their “pain and suffering”.  This is the sole reason why it’s so hard to get any real justice when it comes to sexual harassment and the right to a safe and secure work environment.
By simply tolerating the treatment for ANY LENGTH OF TIME without complaint, she gave the impression that she was okay with it which is exactly why her sexual harassment claims weren’t taken seriously.  So, by then turning around and suing them for tons of money, she simply looks like she’s committing entrapment.

This is the same thing that so many so-called women do every day that make it that much harder for the REAL victims to achieve justice for the crimes against them.

It’s not like she was married to these people.  Because in a marriage, you have all kinds of emotions clouding your judgment.  Love tints your vision with rose-colored contacts and you hope for things to get better out of love for the other person.
At work on the other hand, business is business and the law is at least on your side on this subject.  There is no “well, let’s just hope it gets better”.  Why?  Because it’s a universal truth that the way you ALLOW someone to treat you is how they’re going to treat you.  Period.

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