This is the status a person on my facebook friends list shared and the following comments between her and I on the subject of cheating in a relationship.  I removed her name:

true as fuck! if they cheat with you theyll cheat on you
True or False: “Once a cheater, always a cheater
  • Harley Quinn Not true for everyone. I cheated on my first boyfriend when I was 16. Haven’t cheated since. (of course I’m not with him anymore. I learned that damn lesson. lol)
    it is true. every guy that i dated who cheated on me has cheated on every girl since me and its pathetic cuz a couple of them are married now and still cheating. once a cheater always a cheater cuz it means the cheater cant resist temptation.
  •  Harley Quinn But you’re judging everyone just based on your own experiences. I suppose you also believe once a whore, always a whore, right.
  • not judging simpling stating a fact once you cheat you WILL cheat again and again and yes once a whore ALWAYS a whore. its not just my own fucking experiences, a cheater WILL ALWAYS cheat again and again, even if they refuse to admit to it so they dont get caught. ask any decent girl who has been cheated on cuz of whores, a whore is a whore for life they take pride in wrecking relationships cuz of a cheater.
  •  Harley Quinn So, basically no one on the planet is capable of growth or change, right? Once someone does one thing, once that, they are stuck repeating that same thing over and over for the rest of their lives? Never to learn from their mistakes? Never to change or evolve or mature? And that’s a fact?
    Then why should any of us bother? If that’s the case, all human beings should do this poor planet a favor and commit mass suicide all across the globe and let nature and evolution start its process all over again since this is the peak of our potential.
    •  have you paid any attention to the news? that is exactly what is happening. you cheat for the thrill, so no, a cheater and a whore are NOT capable of being anything but a cheater and a whore, otherwise they wouldnt do that shit to begin with. never trust a cheater never trust a whore that simple.
    •   im done with this conversation cuz i have better shit to than argue with someone who is a cheater. dont like MY opinions i dont fucking care. its cheaters like you that screw up relationships, eventually you will get caught.
    • Harley Quinn lol. I’ll pray for your healing then because you’re obviously bitter and haven’t yet learned to let go. But at the same time, I thank god that you were willing to share your childishness and bitterness with the world this way so that other people like you can see exactly what they look like and maybe learn to grow up, not judge people and to get over themselves.

    Now, according to this girl’s logic, when someone cheats, they have proven they can’t resist temptation and will always cheat.  Well, if that’s the case, allow me to provide a list of everything else you should watch out for if your partner’s ability to resist temptation is what makes you concerned, they’ll cheat on you:

    1.  A person who smokes and has made more than one attempt at quitting smoking.
    2.  A recovering alcoholic who has also made more than one attempt at getting sober.
    3.  A drug addict who has also made more than one attempt at getting clean.
    4.  A fat person who is only that fat because they don’t know when to stop eating due to a compulsive urge to fill an empty emotional hole inside of them (comfort eating).
    5.  Anyone who has ever stolen something.  Yes, even as a child.  Once a thief, always a thief.  Right?
    6.  Anyone who has been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, OCD or even ODD.  Or anyone who has ever display symptoms of these disorders but was never diagnosed.
    7.  Anyone who has ever made a compulsive purchase. (the candy at the checkout isle, a pair of shoes they really didn’t need, something that they didn’t need but the sale was ending that day, etc).
    8.  Anyone who has ever sought revenge on an ex that cheated on them.
    9.  Everyone who has ever masturbated.
    10.  Anyone who has ever disobeyed their parents.
    11.  Anyone who has ever skipped to the end of one of those Goosbumps books where you got to choose the ending.
    12.  Anyone who has ever gone back for seconds when they were already full after their first serving.
    13.  Anyone who has ever cheated on their diet.  (even though I am totally against dieting but that’s another post for another day)
    14.  Anyone who has ever been arrested more than once  regardless of the offense.
    15.  Anyone who has ever given into peer pressure (yes even as a kid).

    And that’s enough for now.  My point is, that temptation is everywhere in the world in many forms.  If you think that temptation has anything to do with cheating, you are sadly mistaken.  And honestly, the mistake that so many people make when they’re cheated on, is not learning something from it.  They’re too busy singing “woe is me, my heart is broken.  They cheated on me and there was nothing I could do to prevent it or see it coming!  boo-hoo!”  Come on!  I’ve watched relationships that were mockeries of what being a relationship is because both people were WRONG and should never have gotten together in the first place.
    The woman was pissed of and nagging, and cranky, and just straight up bitchy 20 hours a day and always nagging her man like he was her child or something.  Then his dumbass cheated on her.  And she was actually surprised!  And then she forgave him and they got back together but instead of easing her iron grip on his balls even just a little, she tightened it.  She felt that his cheating justified her to be even MORE bitchy and now, super controlling on top of that. And quite honestly, this is the exact scenario that I have seen time and time again with the exact same results: two people who just need to break up and NEVER get back together again because it’s just not working out, man.  And I’ve also seen it where the genders are reversed.  Hell I’ve seen some severely f*cked up lesbian couple relationships as well.  Those were more horrendous for me to watch because they were my friends and they actually expected me to take sides.

    There’s also the scenarios where the one person is much too appeasing to the other.  And the person they’re with is already the kind of  self-centered jerk who would take advantage of that sort of kindness and viewing it as weakness.  So, when they cheat, they never considered it cheating to begin with because in their minds, they’re above reproach.  And yes, I’m saying, that it IS possible to be too good to someone.  When it’s that kind of person, anything more than common courteousness is too good for them.  The jerks.

    Look, all I’m saying is that if you’re running around making claims like “once a cheater, always a cheater” then, you’re putting everyone in the world in a box and putting yourself in an emotional prison.  That’s not fair to yourself or the next person who could come along and want to actually love you the way you deserve and desire to pick up the broken pieces of your heart.  And it might be because they themselves cheated once and broke their own heart so bad from the experience that they would never want anyone to ever feel that again.
    And if you don’t care about the effect it has on other people, then think of it this way; as long as you’re running around judging everyone and holding onto the pain and letting it fester into bitterness, the person or people that hurt you will feel justified in their actions by saying things like, “See?  Look how she/he is!  And that’s why I cheated.  Ain’t nobody got time to be puttin’ up with that.”  Childish, thinking, I know.  But if they were mature in the first place, do you really think they would’ve cheated on you?  And speaking of maturity, it’s obvious those people who cheat are too immature to just be upfront and real enough with their partners to just say, “I’m unhappy with our relationship and I think we should break up.”  So, why let someone with the maturity level of an infant, turn you into someone you’re not?  If you believe yourself to be better than them, then BE better than them.
    In my experience, every ex that ever cheated on me has been absolutely miserable seeing just how happy I am without them.  The poor bastards.  Hahaha